Sci-Fi Short Stories Compilation, by Jack Sharkey

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1. The Secret Martians: Master Spy of the Red Planet..

2. Arcturus Times Three: A man who lived three lives? A piker! Jerry Norcriss lived hundreds — all over the Galaxy!

3. The Awakening: They awoke after ages of hiding — to emerge into a world richer than they had dared to dream of!

4. Big Baby: The baby was lonesome, helpless and afraid. It wasn't his fault he was seven hundred feet tall!

5. The Business, as usual: Giving Certain Powers the business for a change would be a joy — but it must not backfire — and here at last was the perfect recoilless diddle!

6. A Matter of Protocol: First Contact was always dangerous—but usually only to the man involved!

7. The Dope on Mars: Somebody had to get the human angle on this trip ... but what was humane about sending me?

8. Double or Nothing: The mind quails before certain contemplations? The existence of infinity, for instance. Or finity, for that matter. Or 50,000 batches of cornflakes dumped from the sky.

9. Old Friends are the Best: Are you one of those people who save the best things for the last ... who eat all the chocolate sundae away from under the maraschino cherry? If so, you are very likely the Peter W. Merrill Moonplant.

10. Minor Detail: General Webb had a simply magnificent idea for getting ground forces into the enemy's territory despite rockets and missiles and things like that. It was a grand scheme, except for one...

11. The Creature Inside: The room was small, but it held a whole universe — and Norcriss had no place in it!

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