On this page you will find:

1. Pricing for the picture prints.

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2. All other customization options and pricing.

* Scroll down this page to see everything you may choose from to make your clothes utterly unique and to your liking!

Picture Prices and Sizes: 

Please note: Pictures have a natural shape, i.e. * some pictures are longer in shape (the Tattoo prints, for example), or

* a square shape (like the Mandalas or Celtic Symbols, for example).

If you choose a picture to be printed at 30 X 30 cm and it is a "longer shaped" picture: then the length or height of the print will be 30 cm, but the width not. The width will be what it will be, without distorting the natural shape of the picture.

If you choose a picture to be printed at 30 X 30 cm and it is a "square shaped" picture: then your print will be 30 X 30 cm.

* Measure the space on your jeans, denim jacket, t-shirt, etc. where you want your print to be and decide which size you'd like best!

* See the men's jeans photo below: that skull print size on the front, right leg is 21cm in height/length and 17cm wide. The word "GhostRider" is 8.5cm long and 2cm high. 

* The print sizes given are guidelines only. Should you want a picture that is inbetween these sizes, contact me and I will quote you according to your exact required size. The best way to contact me is via my FaceBook Business Page, but you may also email me

Rust-Brown Bleach Effects: 

I do this effect with my hands  and a brush; where you want it and how much or little you want done. 

Hand-Stitched Special Effects: 

I do these stitching effects with my hands ; a thick needle and thick threads. No machine can do this; therefore it is very time consuming, but chunky and highly unique!  I can do these in any colour you like.  


Pockets can be re-done with many effects  like camo or any other fabric, or even real or faux leather, beads, rhinestones, machine stitching, etc. Contact me if there is something you want done that's not listed here.

Reverse Applique:

Reverse applique is the technique where an additional piece of fabric is sewn on the inside of the denim and then the denim is cut out in any shape you desire. You may also choose any colour fabric at the back. The price will vary according to the size of the hole that you require. These are just examples.

Sleeves & Cuffs

Prints can be done on sleeves too! Men: I can add leather, camo or anything else to your cuffs. Ladies: same as for the men, plus: lace, "angel wings" sleeves, etc. The price will vary according to the type and price of leather, lace or fabric used. These are just examples.

Various other techiques

Here are various other things I can do for you. Contact me if you have a picture of something on a jean, that's not listed on my website: Im always happy to develop new styles and techniques!  

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