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Sea Turtles: soft sculpture / art toy

I create these sea turtle art toys, on order only. You may choose the colours you would like them to be.

* Brown, red and camo sea turtle: The brown is made of faux leather fabric, embellished with camo spots on its shell, a camo fabric underbelly, red tattoo prints, a necklace with faux gold 'whale tales', beads, braided rope, real sea shells and multi-coloured embroidery around the shell's spots and its nose.

Big Turtle's dimensions:

Length: 102 cm

Width, flipper to flipper and over the back: 88 cm

Weight: 2.7 kg

* Gold-brown & black sea turtle: The gold-brown is made of velvet fabric, embellished with black prints, exquisite designer fabric for the nose and shell spots, a necklace with a faux silver seahorse and peacock feather, and much more lovely trims and goodies.

Medium sized Turtle's dimensions:

Length: 74 cm

Width, flipper to flipper and over the back: 63 cm

Weight: 0.9 kg

The wonderful pattern can be bought from here:


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