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Rename me! Humour and wit ebook, by Thalita Goosen. 2017

Rename Me! Is a humorous & witty "blend of names to amend." (2017)

Have many good laughs and new nicknames to call all of the "Ingredients" listed below. My home language is Afrikaans (a South African language), and the better my English became over the years, the more I realized how funny some of our Afrikaans words are, if translated directly into English. Hence, the inspiration for this eBook. I've also made use of the origins / etymology of some of the English terms and blended them with the direct Afrikaans translations, to form witty short stories in the form of rhyming poems. The humour and wit herein are best suited to adult readers. Children will definitely also enjoy the "new nicknames" for some of the "Ingredients", but it will have to be explained to them by an adult.

eBook Ingredients:

1. Intro Deviance

* Armadillo

* Glabella

* Armpit

* Hippopotamus

* Axolotl

* Hosepipe

* Backseat Drivers

* King Cricket

* Biltong

* Lower than Low

* Brownies

* Millipede

* Cameleon

* Mondegreen

* Cotton Candy

* Moonshine

* Cubbyhole/Glove Box

* Mosquito

* Desire Paths

* Stapler

* Funny Bone

* Vacuum Cleaner

CLICK HERE to go to the online store if you'd like to purchase this eBook. It costs $5 and is in

PDF format: 9.3 MB

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