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Hypertrophy / Muscle Growth, by Chris Beardsley

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Introduction to Hypertrophy

* What is muscle growth, and how does it happen?

* What causes muscle growth?

* What determines whether a muscle fiber increases in length or diameter?

* What is regional hypertrophy, and how does it happen?

Mechanisms of Hypertrophy

* What can jumping teach us about muscle growth?

* What determines mechanical tension during strength training?

* Does metabolic stress cause muscle growth?

* Does muscle damage cause hypertrophy?

* Can the mechanical tension, metabolic stress, and muscle damage model explain all of the ways in which hypertrophy could occur?

* How does hypertrophy really work?


The role of Fatigue in Hypertrophy

* How do different types of fatigue affect hypertrophy and recovery?

* Why does central nervous system (CNS) fatigue happen during strength training?

* How does muscle damage lead to central nervous system fatigue?


Training Variables and Hypertrophy

Training Volume

* What is training volume?

* How does training volume differ between training to failure, avoiding failure, and using advanced techniques?

* How does training volume affect muscle growth?

* When is “high volume” training not actually high in volume?

* What is the optimal training volume for hypertrophy?How many stimulating reps are there in each set to failure?


* What is time under tension?

* Why does lowering tempo affect muscle growth, but lifting tempo does not?

* Does keeping constant tension on a muscle increase hypertrophy?

Range of Motion

* Does a full range of motion always produce more muscle growth?

Proximity to Failure

* How does proximity to failure affect hypertrophy?

Relative load

* How does the weight on the bar affect hypertrophy?

* Why do very light loads not produce as much muscle growth as light loads?


* What determines training frequency?

* How could high frequency strength training lead to greater gains?

Contraction Mode

* Do eccentric and concentric training produce different types of muscle growth?

Rest Period Duration

* Do short rest periods help or hinder muscle growth?

Exercise Order

* How does exercise order in a workout affect hypertrophy?

Mind-muscle Connection

* Can using the mind-muscle connection enhance hypertrophy?

Programming and hypertrophy

* Why is progressive overload essential for hypertrophy?

* Why does progress not always happen from one workout to the next?

* How could periodization help enhance muscle growth?

* How might aerobic exercise reduce gains in muscle size?

* Why is technique important for hypertrophy?

* Why is it easier to maintain muscle mass than to gain it?


Exercises and hypertrophy

* Which muscle groups do exercises stimulate (and which do they just work)?

* How can exercise strength curves affect hypertrophy?

* How should we train the biceps?How should we train the triceps?

* How should we train the latissimus dorsi?

* How should we train the pectoralis major?

* How should we train the deltoids?

* How should we train the trapezius?

* How should we train the quadriceps?

* How should we train the hamstrings?

* How should we train the gluteus maximus?

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