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Fundamentals of Strength Training, by Chris Beardsley

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Fundamentals of Strength Training

* What happens when we lift weights?

* What is strength?

* Can we get stronger in more than one way?

* How are gaining strength and size different?

* Why do we need research into strength training?


Principle of Specificity

* What does the “principle of specificity” mean?

* When are strength gains specific?

* When are strength gains *not* specific?

* What happens if you ignore the fact that strength is specific?

* What is the relationship between muscle growth and strength gains?

* Why are heavy weights best for increasing maximum strength?

* How can heavy strength training *fail* to make you faster?

* Why does strength training with high reps improve muscular endurance?

* Why does lowering and not lifting weights produce unique adaptations?

* Why does lifting and not lowering weights produce unique effects?

* What do you think you are achieving by “focusing on the eccentric phase”?

* Why do you need to lift weights quickly to get fast?

* Why do full range of motion exercises not increase strength at all muscle lengths?

* Why are strength gains greater at some joint angles than others?

* What do you think you are doing by adding bands and chains?

* Should you use free weights or machines for strength training?

* Does the weight on the bar change which muscles work hardest?

* How do force vectors affect the type of strength that we develop?

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