• Thalita Goosen

Duality's Masquerade: Part 8

the Joker may Joke but is All This a joke? is This too fantasy-like or far-fetched?

is This too good to be True? is All This too easy a Way Out of Our Predicament?

is This too eerie for evil, asleep and awakened Souls alike? Is it not a Stimulant?

have you allowed It to rise up from the recesses of Your Soul, where It is etched?

are We not so conditioned to misery and struggle that We lost Childlike Wonder?

are We not so instilled with childish fairy tales that Real Marveling got dimmed?

why then do We Love fantasy, scifi and action movies so much, even if Trimmed?

did We not Trim It from our Concious Awareness, to let It Arise from Here Yonder?

is All really fair in love and war? is it Really??? is it Really?!

who came up with this completely distorted mind-virus, as True?

and too many believing and mimicking it, even if it's Beastly goo?

if it was true, how come the Beast is soon to become mealy?

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Duality's Masquerade: Part 8. Copyright @ Thalita Goosen 2021
Duality's Masquerade: Part 8. Copyright @ Thalita Goosen 2021