• Thalita Goosen

Duality's Masquerade: Part 5

During the Aroused Dance at Duality's Masquerade:

Each are to smelt and forge their Own Double-edged Sword

Each are to Pressurize and Cut their Own Inner Diamond

During The One Day Interval: a mentioned Grenade:

All Self-Cut Diamonds will receive Their Own as Reward

All Self-Qualified Double-edged Swords will no more be silent

A Level Playing Field was the Starting Point; not anymore at all

many mistakes, many lessons, much growth - Perfectly Expanding

many devils, many wars, much woe – Perfectly Allowed Branding

A playing field to revert; to a Whole New Level on The Day's Call

no-one and no-thing to blame if not satisfied with Own Standing

no Time to waste for All to Be in Full Presence and Fully Present

Try to imagine the Jester of Natural Justice; it'll have to be a She

since the Earth is Feminine and distorted estrogen raging

since the Sun is Masculine and distorted testosterone abound

Try to imagine her; who and what She'd had to Become and Be

to Serve and Deliver Justice with lots'a Humorous Staging

to Be the Catapult for The A-Team to come to the Foreground!

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Duality's Masquerade: Part 5. Copyright @ Thalita Goosen 2021
Duality's Masquerade: Part 5. Copyright @ Thalita Goosen 2021