• Thalita Goosen

Duality's Masquerade: Part 4

Tame an Eternal Reminder: Brave are All who Play This Game

a Deck of Cards stacked in Our Favour

a Silo of Seeds packed with Flavour

Farmers and Gamblers were Originally Invited as Charmers

to an Aroused Dance at a Brave Masquerade

to Settle who imitate and who are Self-made

Gamblers Farming with Commerce and Technology: left Handlers

a Blessing for Monetary Greenery

a Class in Flesh versus Machinery

Farmers Gambling with Food and Machinery: right Armours

to Receive Fresh Seeds for Real Food

to Grow with Technology for All's Good

Tally Greenery plus Seeds plus Machinery plus Flesh and a Techno All(e)y

a Technique to ensure swift fortune-ate-its-only-five-hundred!

a Method of the char-coal-ition of the GE/M's getting Thundered!

a Recipe for apple/s to carmelize in mobil-e-oil and th-us (a) steel bikini!

a Plan to gulf to the du-po(i)nt of driving them up the wal-l,-mart-ini!

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Duality's Masquerade: Part 4. Copyright @ Thalita Goosen 2021
Duality's Masquerade: Part 4. Copyright @ Thalita Goosen 2021