• Thalita Goosen

Duality's Masquerade: Part 10

who would ever have thought who are Who

Here Yonder when The Day are near or here

to Witness the Fruits of True Labour and to

Tier Anew based on True Merit's Theater tier

again, Laughter shall resolve The Ranks once again

for Good This Time Round and Round for

Ken & Barbie's human echoes to Be beyond their ken

four times, for it equals Duality's Basic Four

basically, Duality are Two, but Two are Four, basically

therefore them fixated on 22 at least 'have cats', therefore

ba-sickly they can have things by its tail-s, being ba-sickly

therefore-seeable, discard 22's distorted ½, just therefore

naught, 1, 2, 3, catch Ti/ígers by Their tails and ya'll be docking to Naught

easy as barking up the wrong tree, or cat: Pure Duality'll scratch ya, easy

Naut-ical Methods to apply to stew and sink the naughtiest of the naught(y)

cheesy Mondegreen of 22 and much else: fantastic plastic and so so cheesy

ek hoop Dit het 'n Punt soos min gemaak, sê ek

Afrikaans for, more or less:

I hope It made a Point like little else, say I

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Duality's Masquerade: Part 10. Copyright @ Thalita Goosen 2021
Duality's Masquerade: Part 10. Copyright @ Thalita Goosen 2021