• Thalita Goosen

Duality's Masquerade: Part 1

An Authentic Game of Smoke and Mirrors

of mirrors left and smoke right, yet One

reflections and concealments, yet Strippers

of all that is bogus and Weighed to None

As an Eternal Reminder: the main aim of This Game!

To give yourSelf what no-one or no-thing else can!

Thus, at The End of The Day, Self dare not try blame!

And Self realizes: you are your Own saviour, man!

How much more will we endure, in the names of the gods?

How much longer will we wait for ourSelves, to Stand Tall?

Why are religious saviours, gods, gurus and gizmos at odds?

Where are they in these dire times of global bawl and crawl?

An Ancient Feud to come to Final Closure NOW

It is THE Tigers vs Lions Feud and dispute

An Ancient BET to Finally Halt and then bow

ENDS with Pure Jester-like Justice, Stewed.

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Duality's Masquerade: Part 1. Copyright @Thalita Goosen 2021
Duality's Masquerade: Part 1. Copyright @Thalita Goosen 2021