• Thalita Goosen

Down to a T and a Tree!

One day, some day, I will tell this Whole Story to All

For now... see in It what you can and / or please to...

The first 4 night photos was taken on 27 May 2021 and the day ones on 28 May: 1-2 days after it was written, because I'm not fond of taking photos and only thought to photograph it afterwards. But, in Real Time: after I finished writing the first Duality's Masquerade, on paper and in pencil, I took a hammer and that lekker long screw and first hit the screw in some Distance with my hammer and then I also screwed it in a bit more with a screwdriver. The tree is a dearly loved tree by the front door section of the garden flat that I currently live in. Sorry about the light blood stains thereon; it REALLY was an accident! When I tore off the page from the top of the writing pad - I have no idea how it happened - I got quite a deep paper-cut on one of my fingers and truly instinctively started smearing the drops all over the paper. I was very uneasy and perplexed with myself... But shortly after I started laughing and laughing and Realized I had to physically do / materialize some more crappy Stuff! Of course in a way that was Clean and minute, yet Made Its Point. MySelf and my Flesh-body taught me so much... Oh, and the light blue and white string around it is just a nice, fluffy piece of yarn, to keep it Together, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha!!!!

The following 2 photos was taken on 27 June 2021, after I finished Duality's Masquerade Part 14. This time I felt compelled to add a lekker thick nail into the 'Stew-ed'! The paper got some rain and bird droppings as well in the past month. Don't worry, I'm done now and I will not hammer anything else into the tree - Duality required Its 2 different pieces of metal... It was also only when I took these photos and added this section to this blog post, that I realized its exactly a month later now and that the nail I felt compelled to hammer in, was the last nail in their coffin, and also because between the 14 Duality's Masquerade writings, it completed a Full Cycle of Its own, in terms of giving a broad overview of Everything.